hello! i'm basil and this is my website. it is very simple.

this website will just be where i can share about things i like. i intend to update it whenever i get the chance to. for now, it is pretty bare. i will probably make lists of things and link to other interesting sites.

i bet you cried by thelma and the sleaze


  • protopage
  • steinpage
  • moviepage
  • irkpage
  • miscpage
  • spiritlog
  • contact

  • updates:

    8/27/19 - formatted and added basic info to protopage! it should be clickable now as well.

    8/26/19 - finally began coding the site. it gives 7 new pages. protopage, steinpage, moviepage, irkpage, miscpage, spiritlog, and contact. perhaps there will be more in the future, but i know that these pages focus on what i want to talk about the most. they will be under construction indefinitely and currently lead to dead links, but my homepage is done for now. i will give updates here until i feel the homepage is getting too long and i need an "updatelog".

    all properties mentioned under this site are not owned by or affiliated with me! i'm just a fan! these properties are intended to be discussed under fair use.