the protomen are a nashville-based rock group, though if you're viewing this page, you may have already known that.
the complete list of current members as of 2019 are as follows:

  • raul panther iii
  • commander b hawkins
  • murphy weller
  • kilroy
  • gambler kirkdouglas
  • sir dr. robert bakker
  • reanimator lovejoy
  • shock magnum
  • and sometimes ringo segundo.

    there have been multiple attempts to document the entire history of the band, but few have succeeded to update over the years. a notable example is the wikidot page which details significant performance history but has stopped updating. the most active protomen fansite is currently protofans which is a tumblr-hosted site that has documented performances and photography since 2011. besides that, the band does a pretty good job at archiving their own tour dates and mailing list updates.

    here, i will post relevant pages that detail the technical side of things, great interviews, fan base history, and collaboration history.